front yard landscaping ideas
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We humans by nature are social but, still at the end of the day, we return to our haven-our heavenly abode- our home.  For me, there is no better place like home and am sure you will agree with me too! So, why not make your home a live display of paradise with some unique front yard landscaping ideas without getting bankrupt!

Home owners all around the world spend their money and time catering to the needs of their lawns. If that is so, then why not let your creativity flow and roll out a charismatic front yard without busting the budget.

Here’s what you need to remember,

Front yard needs extra care and planning as it is the part of the house, which people see first.  Making the passersby and neighbors jealous, is no wonder a great idea, (if you know what I mean). However, without proper planning, your dreams of having the perfect yard will back fire and end up with something, which you have not dreamt of!

You definitely do not want that to happen!!

So, just remember,

That designing your front yard landscaping ideas need not have to be a stressful job. You can decorate a front yard which needs minimal up keep all year round. Consider plants and other materials that can keep up with the changing season.

What are you waiting for fellas? Let’s dig in!!

Plant With A Plan

Unified designing for your front yard cannot go wrong. Instead of playing with lots of colors, you can stick with a cohesive look by limiting plant variety and colors. This will also be a delight for the visual effects.  You might feel tempted to bring home every charming sapling or plant you see from the nursery.

Planning how you want the garden to look will help you out a lot on the types of plants you are choosing. Every plant has different needs and bringing them all together might just ruin the lay out in the first place.

Thus, sticking to unified designing will help. Taking professional help might also be worth a shot for a pretty lawn that will add to the value of your home.

Give Some Space

Let not your front yard landscaping ideas go wild. Justify the cohesive designing pattern with proper space between the plants. I have to agree that, planting in clusters looks way better. However, make sure the group of shrubs, trees and perennials have lots of room to spread.

Overgrown or choked clusters will just ruin the design and make all your hard work go down the drain.  This is not all to the problem as,

Over-crowded and choked out shrubs tend to compete for food and water, posing a threat to the entire clusters especially during the time of drought.

Research how wide and high the plants you have planted will grow and combine them with space suggestions to get a uniform setting. You will get both patterned design and setting in one shot.

Find The Correct Choice

Not knowing, which plant will thrive in your area is just incomplete information in your venture for a pretty front yard landscaping ideas.  Just getting seduced by the catalogue plants not having the proper information is just a waste of time and funds of course!

You pick the wrong plant, work hard for it and at the end they die prematurely, all because you did not had the correct information. That’s a big blow to your motivation and creativity.

Welcome The Abundance Of Light

Natural light source is helpful for the plants if given in correct amount. Observe how well natural light falls in your front yard at different times of the day. You can arrange the plants accordingly and allow variety to some extent.

Limit Your Love

You love the spring blooms? So you are planting tons of them?

No, that is absolutely not the way.

This way you are risking your entire front lawn by making it look dull in all seasons except for the spring season blooms.

It is important to coordinate your front yard landscaping ideas with four-season blooms. If the spring calls for azaleas, why not try red osier dogwood for the winters? It is a hardy shrub whose bright red branches will add the much needed color to your lawn.

Cut The Dead

Nothing breaks the blossomy and bloomy appeal of your front lawn than rows of dead plants and shrubs.

Do not only get rid of the dead plants and perennials but use them for compost for the living clusters. If needed, grind them for they will decompose faster. If the dead parts are already diseased and infected, it’s better to trash them.

Get Rid Of The Weed

Weeds! They are the horrors of the gardening world and not only wrecks havoc but stops the growing plants by stealing their food and water.

What to do then?

The proven way to stop weed from spreading its dominion is to use pre-emergent about three weeks prior to typically when the weed seeds germinate. Even if you cannot stop them from growing, there is always one good old solution left,

Get rid of them, before they spread like an epidemic in your entire lawn.

Giving way to a colorful yet convenient visual display in your front yard will be both easy for your eyes and feet. It is the front yard, which will greet the guests before you do! So, better not get wrong with it and create a perfect first impression with these front yard landscaping ideas.

Painter and a Cynophilist, Ipshita Maulik swears by yoga and started writing when she least expected it. From Kolkata, she is currently working as a Content Writer in a Digital Marketing Company. Here are few things she loves- eating at new places, hanging out with her friends and everything that are cruelty free.

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