argan oil for hair care
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The world of skin and hair care is slowly transforming with more natural ingredients being constituted in the beauty products. The new rush is all about the oils, one of the much known yet, ignored secrets of nature. As the various natural oils have started to steal the show, one oil which is truly becoming the star- argan oil.

Often referred to as ‘liquid gold’, argan oil has previously being constituted in beauty products but, its qualities have been recognized lately.

Argan Oil As A Product

Using facial oils have stolen the world by storm and thankfully it is also shedding the old-fashioned connotations. So, let’s get to the point,

Have you to thought of using the argan oil but haven’t yet tried it?

So, wait no more because argan oil is referred to as “liquid gold” and too has a reason.

Know Your Argan Oil

Originated from native Morocco, it is organic oil which is sourced from kernels of argan tree. It’s extremely nutrient rich properties make it ideal to be used in several skin and hair care regime. This is not all though. To add to its wonders, this oil is also used in food to create various savory dishes.

I mean who knew that, right?!!

Now you know why the celebs have such glowing and wonderfully radiant skin and tresses. Because of its skin loving properties, the renowned cosmetics brands from all over the world is now using this oil, as the primary raw material in their products.

So, now I hope you have reason enough, to give this oil a try. And, even if you are the skeptical one and still not convinced enough, then, get ready to be amazed by the properties of this “liquid gold”.

Get Moisturized Skin

Have you got dry and rough skin and have tried everything with no results? Here is the answer to your prayers. Argan oil is commonly used as skin moisturizer to soothe, hydrate and soften dry skin. It’s high fatty acid and Vitamin E content gives the skin its vitality and a natural boost.

The best part of this magical potion is, it absorbs quickly unlike, those sticky moisturizers with non-greasy and non-irritating properties. Have you been looking for this, all these time?

Natural Hair Conditioner

After your skin, hair has a major role to play in making your beautiful and gorgeous. Here too, argan oil has a lot to do. Surprised? This oil is proven to make your hair, silkier, shinier and softer.

Am not done yet!

It is an ideal hair conditioner, and women who are unable to tame their frizzy and unmanageable hair, kudos to you, argan has the solution for you.
No it’s not magic?!

There are so many uses of argan oil for your hair in several different ways and products, that you will be equally surprised (for the good, obviously!) and willing to try it.

Protection From Heat Styling

Styling your hair will never feel so right and smooth with results to die for. Exactly! You got it right, if hair styling was the only way to control your frizz, then, adds argan oil in the process. It will not only control your frizz but will create a barrier around your tresses so that the heat application does not damage your hair.

Now, who said styling hair is not good?

Minimizes Acne

Many moisturizers and oils can actually aggravate acne; this oil soothes the afflicted part of the skin and helps in quick healing. So, girls, with acne can try it and see the magic happening to your skin!

Acne is often the results of an oily skin. The non-greasy properties of argan oil balance the skin by providing it natural moisturizer. The anti-oxidant rich oil, reduces inflammation of skin, often as a result of acne, and heals the damaged skin. Make sure you apply the oil on clean and dry face to get the best results. Say hello to beautiful skin!

Moisturizer For Lips

Cold, dry weather is not good for your skin, but they are even more harmful for your lips. It makes your lips, dry, sore and cracked. Vitamin E enriched argan oil, is ideal to ensure that your lips stay, plump, smooth and supple. Rub few drops in dry lips as a balm and wipe off the excess. Now you will have kissable lips all year long.

Treatment For Nail, Hand And Foot

Want to treat your dry and brittle cuticles? Ditch the spa and try argan oil at home. Its softening properties are ideal for dry hands, brittle nails and hard skin on the feet. So now you can have soft and supple hands and feet with nails that are healthy and strong.

The best part of argan oil is you can use it in its all natural form and not through any other product. All these benefits in one single bottle, argan oil is like a magical elixir-the gift of nature to the modern world.

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