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Beauty trends come and go; while some fades away others stay back or re-emerge in the market in an all new form. The year 2018, has brought another set of new products in the world of beauty promising an all new skin care including some high-end components. While, we are still on this road of beauty trends, one cannot help but notice the upsurge of beauty oils and facial elixirs. They are easily available in the market and are packed with benefits.

So, if you are wondering the same that what are these oils and how to use them? I have brought an easy guide to understand this latest crop in the world of beauty and things it can do for your skin.

As the general rule goes, when you start talking about oils amongst your girl friends or colleagues, a lot of mixed reactions pops up leaving you nowhere. Some start with,

“Oh! They are best thing ever!”

While others will say “They are a strict no-no, they clog pores”.

All in all, the reactions are a bit confusing.

To say how oil affects your face, body and hair, here is a guide to know the ins and outs of oils, which is the latest buzz in the eternal venture to stay beautiful and gorgeous!

Facial Oils Are Not Moisturizers

The last thing you can expect from facial oils is it will moisturize your skin. Sorry to say girls! But it won’t. Moisturizers are made up of three components- occlusive, humectants and emollients. Humectants acts like glycerin and draws water into the skin to keep it moisturized.

On the other hand are the oils, which fall under the category of, emollient and occlusive. These act as a sealant on the top layer of the skin. This is an entirely different thing than drawing moisture to the skin.

One Way To Benefit From Oil

Yes! You heard it right. Facial oils are beneficial, you just need to know the right way, or rather time to use it. To get the most out of oils, save it for the last. As oils act as a sealant on the skin, applying it first will stop the absorption of any other products, say, moisturizer, which follows. This will make your skin dry and withering. This will keep you wonder, “What I did wrong”?

Oils Do Clog Pores

Oil does clog pores but not all of them. Mineral oil is an offender and so are the coconut oil and olive oil. Whether oil will clog the pores or not is a tough one to predict since brands and their concentrations vary. If you are keen on using facial oils, I would say, go ahead give it a try. Soon, you will know what works best for you!

Oils And Anti-Oxidants

Well! You must have heard of anti-oxidants and how they are useful for your skin. This is one reason why, beauty insiders lean on oils, for they are loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidant to protect and repair the skin from various environmental damages. Dermatologists and beauty consultants agree to this. Wrinkle, the age old nemesis of the skin is readily taken over and delayed by vitamin A and E rich argan oil. Though, they come in a pricey packaging but, the antioxidants can do wonders for the skin.

If hyperpigmentation has always been your problem, the vitamin C rich marula oil is there to rescue. It counters the occurrences and gives you a clear and bright skin. Stressed out skin due to environmental damage can get help from rosehip oil. The vitamin C in it calms and soothes the dull skin and gives back the youthful brightness. No wonder, these elixirs are becoming a part of skin care regime for dull and problematic skin.

Good Old Tea Tree Oil

Acne-prone skin is a common problem in teenage girls and also can be seen in adults. If not taken care properly they can leave nasty marks on your skin taking away its natural luster. However, for every problem there is oil! Tea-tree oil has been scientifically proven for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It stomps acne causing bacteria thereby, reducing the size of the pimples.

However, tea-tree oil might have irritable effect on the skin. It is recommended by dermatologists to test an inconspicuous area first before applying on problem area.

Facial Oils For Driest Of Skin

Dry skin is a common problem in both men and women. Unlike, other facial oil which tends to be lighter, dry skin is treated best by occlusive and heaviest of oils. Try out sweet-almond or avocado oil. They are considerably rich and fatty and provide the required moisture to the driest of skin.

Oils For Cleaning

Though, hard to believe but, it’s true. The same ingredient which acts as a sealant on the skin can also clean it too. Oil cleaners work good, to remove make-up gently from skin without stripping of its natural oils. Skin will not feel irritated afterwards. A few swirls around your face and voila! Your face is clean and in the gentlest way.

Facial oils are taking the world by storm and now you know why. You can add some in your skin care regimen and see your skin breathing back to life.

Painter and a Cynophilist, Ipshita Maulik swears by yoga and started writing when she least expected it. From Kolkata, she is currently working as a Content Writer in a Digital Marketing Company. Here are few things she loves- eating at new places, hanging out with her friends and everything that are cruelty free.

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