Summer hair care tips
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“Summer time is always the best of what might be”- Charles Bowden

As soon as spell of spring bids adieu for the year, there comes the warm blanket of summer to wrap us around. It brings the gust of fresh air after all those months we have spent cooped up inside. Summer means vacations and spending as much time outdoors with all the fun and water activities. In short, summer brings the best time of our lives!

As much as you and I love summer for all the fun it brings, it also does much damage to our hair. So what can be done? Should you stop being outdoors, and miss all the fun? Absolutely not! No wonder sun is harmful for hair but the effects of it can be altered if proper precaution is taken. So before sun can wreck havoc on your hair, it is time to battle the sun and bring some shine.

Effects Of Summer Sun On Hair

Have you ever thought of how sun can affect your hair? Well, here are some to start with.

• Does your hair stay healthy and bouncy all year round and it turns limp and lifeless as soon as summer comes? No signs of bounce anymore! The high humidity content in atmosphere during summer weighs down your hair resulting in limp stresses.

• With summer comes the pollution and sweat that affects our hair terribly. Thus, brings along the various hair problems like, split ends, dandruff and increased hair fall.

• Summer sun is warm but it is ruthless of those lustrous stresses. Hair dries out under the severe effects of the summer sun. So thinking of curling and straightening your hair, involving severe heat, this summer? Take the hint!

• Summer is equally harmful of your scalp as well. Sunburn and dryness are some common symptoms. Hair protects the scalp but, dry and itchy scalp brings its own set of problems. This may end up damaging your hair roots.

Summer throws a lot of tantrums for the hair and among other is greasing and sweaty hair and also fading of hair color. What is the remedy then? Avoiding the sun is one direct precaution you can take. Other than that there are also other tips for summer time hair care so that your hair looks as gorgeous as the season.
While, you will do everything to keep your owes at bay, remember these important tips to make summer time hair care less fussy and manageable.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

As you already know, summer dries out your hair and causes damage to them. So make sure you do not add to the troubles and avoid using chemicals treatments and too many cosmetics on your hair. Too much coloring might cause the same problem as well.

Love The Conditioner

While sun rips of your hair from all the nourishment by drying it out, the best you can do is to replenish your hair with the lost nutrients. Pamper your hair with a conditioner to restore back the moisture. Pick the one that suits your hair type. If you are indulging in any water activity or swimming, remember to put on a leave-in conditioner on your wear. For swimming, wearing a swimming cap is also a must!

Trick In Shampooing

Summer irritates the hair and scalp by causing it to grease and sweat more. No wonder you feel like shampooing every day. However, you need to remember, that doing shampoo every day might harm your hair more than doing good.

To keep your scalp and hair fresh, go for a mild shampoo that you can use every day. The summer trick to shampoo your hair is, apply the shampoo only on the scalp ad not on the hair. This will keep your scalp clean and your hair healthy without drying them out.

Say No To Heat

The sun is giving your hair the daily dose of heat. So, do yourself a favor and avoid any additional heat on your hair. In case, you need it, you can use a blow dryer but go slow with the application. Avoid using styling iron and curlers on your hair as well.

Control The Frizz

Summer heat makes hair extra dry adding to the problem of the frizz. To tame the frizz, you can try tying up the hair. You can control the frizz in style by showing off different hair styles. From ponytails to braids to knots, updos and buns, these styles keep away the sweat and the frizz. Who knew, tying up your hair can be fun too!!!

Hydrate For Extra Moisture

There is no alternative to drinking enough fluids and keeping your hair hydrated from inside out. While, you will be doing all mentioned above, not drinking enough water can take all your hard work down the drain. Opt for cooling fluids to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. The secret to gorgeous hair is also healthy diet.

Thus, even before summer comes, you have all the right remedies to fight back the sun and enjoy nothing but the warmth of it without harming your hair.

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