common mistakes in keto diet
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A while back I have written about, what is keto diet and the things, which every beginner needs to know before plunging into the keto routine.

Ketogenic diet is taking the world by storm and many are still looking for the answers of, what is keto diet? To start with, those who are already in the ketogenic diet and lifestyle know that, it is drastic departure from the standard orthodoxy of nutrition. The diet itself demands a change in perspective and all that you know about diet and weight loss must be omitted to start anew.

Even of its substantial popularity in the world of diet and weight loss, people still ask about what is keto diet, and how to get through it.
Even before you know about ketogenic diet, remember it three major inclusions:

1. High in fat
2. Very low in carb
3. Moderate in protein

Keeping these three aspects in mind will help you understand the ketogenic process better and get the expected results faster.

However, even after knowing the different essence of ketogenic diet, it is quite common for the keto rookies to make all sorts of mistakes. The mistakes are mostly made in an attempt to make the diet right which again to another series of consequences and ultimately, to no results.


You need not worry,

I know it was hard enough for you to understand the basics of what is keto diet, now this struggle to make everything right is becoming even more problematic.

The good thing is, I am here to help and bust some of the common mistakes, which keto rookies like you usually make.

You Start To Compare

One of the most common mistakes done by the keto rookies!

Just when you will hear or see a post by someone who somehow lost few pounds in a week through keto diet, you start to freak out as you have not seen the same results for yourself!

So what?

You will also start to think that maybe you are doing it wrong and ask for HELP big time, but all you need to do instead is

Calm Down!!

And, take a deep breath! Now listen to me carefully

When you know what is keto diet, the only person you should be, and must be comparing yourself to is, none other than YOURSELF!!!

So what a person has lost few pounds in a week or month and you have not. You cannot focus or stay put in your goal if your attention is too, much on others.

This brings me to another important thing……

lack in focus and goal

You Lack Focus And Goal

Focus is goal oriented and this holds true in every aspect of life, so why this ketogenic diet needs to be different?

You goal is to lose weight and so the focus should be on your diet or,

More precisely, on your ketogenic diet

Keeping a goal is important and that is going to be ypour real measure for success and if you still don’t get it then, you are being difficult. Keeping on the track with the goal is powerful and it increases your chance for success.

Diet Change In Every Day Or Two

You ate the fat and very little carb on the first day, saw no change. You added protein with carb and ate high fat food, still no change. You brought other changes in the diet, still no result!

You must be thinking,


Let me give you another piece of advice!

Apart from being just goal oriented, you also need to be consistent in achieving your success through the keto diet, as knowing what is keto diet is not enough. You need to choose a diet plan for keto and stick to it for couple of weeks or maybe month, even if you see no change. You body is adaptive but, still it needs time to go through the changes and show you some results.

macro in keto diet

You Are Not Adjusting The Macros

I might sound contradictory, but adjusting macros does not mean to obsess over it.

Also, you need to make the changes or adjust your macros once you find success with the ketogenic diet and not before that. Make adjustments to your intake of food in every 10 to 20 pounds you lose. This will help you further to reach the goal. If you do not make these changes, you might feel frustrated as you progress.

Obsessing Over Desserts

Keto rookies associate themselves with desserts, which is nothing but complicated.

When you have just started with the ketogenic diet, keep things simple until you find results. So for desserts, just let it go!!

too much protein in keto diet

Eating Too Much Protein

Protein is considered as the most important of the macro as it is essential for the body. Protein helps in the building and rebuilding of soft tissues in our body. However, too much intake of protein can sabotage the efforts to reach ketosis.

The reason is, for every 100g protein you intake, 56g is converted to glucose so, the more you will intake, more glucose will be added to the system. One great thing about keto is, it is “protein sparing”. Nutritional ketosis will store protein in body instead of stripping it away from the body.

Not Consuming Enough Fat

Though, this is a strange mistake to make when you have chosen a diet that is all about eating high fat content food, but, the keto rookies somehow manages to do it.
This happens as surprisingly, many people still fear the fat and instinctively go for low fat diet. To that I have only one thing to say,

Trust keto diet and enjoy the fat. The results will be surprising!

You Are Looking For A Fast Action Plan

I couldn’t stress it well enough; Keto is not a quick fix diet plan. In fact, it is not a diet plan but, a lifestyle change. If you think that after losing a few pounds with keto diet, you again move back on with your usual diet, move on as this is not how it works.

Keto, though called a diet, is a complete re-evaluation of how your body works. This shift in paradigm is still not understood by many and so, keto diet is still not every one’s cup of tea.

Painter and a Cynophilist, Ipshita Maulik swears by yoga and started writing when she least expected it. From Kolkata, she is currently working as a Content Writer in a Digital Marketing Company. Here are few things she loves- eating at new places, hanging out with her friends and everything that are cruelty free.

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