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Home decoration is always exciting especially- choosing new color schemes, new wall hangings and so much more. However, that’s the usual home decoration I am talking about here.

What’s even more exciting about home decoration is when you are planning it for the baby-to-be. Yes! Your first ever journey to parenthood is exciting already but, you can start the journey with your flair for creativity!

Who would mind if you channelize your artistic side with a few baby home decorations and colors?

Your baby wouldn’t!

Designing and decorating your house is always a fun and exciting thing. And, when you are doing home decorations for baby, the experience becomes rewarding as well. Just like any other remodeling and decorating project, this can be daunting too!

You can take a moment there and empower yourself with some of the most amazing ideas, which I am going o provide you.

You can thank me later!

A Functional Baby Home Decoration

First things first, the nursery you are decorating needs to more functional than any other room in the house. This means you need to avoid clutter and make sure everything is well within reach.

Think of diapers, wipes, changing table covers, diaper disposal system, burp clothes and much more with a step away. The last thing you want is your baby to roll off because you have stepped away to get the things. Thus, you can go for baby home decorations all you want but, this basic rule stays the same.

theme for nursery

Focus On Specific Theme Of Style Of Decoration

You might be working with a tight nursery budget or want to give your baby a cozy room; there are several ways you can make a home decoration for baby, work.

You can get the mismatched furniture to work for you by coordinating them into a cohesive look.

However, mismatch coordination is not all. You have to find one unifying theme that ties the entire home decorations for baby into one. Color can be your key to unifying the entire theme. A quick coat of paint can turn the most rag-tag assembles into a matching and coordinating set.

Focus On The Textiles

Choosing the color co-ordinations and theme are no doubt fun. But, this fun can soon turn worse when you finally find these adorable curtains only to find out that they do not match. Thus, to steer clear of such a dysfunction when it comes to the nursery, definitely choose the textile first and then, paint the room.

Think smart!!

ceiling nursery decorations

Up, Up The Ceiling

Babies are mostly attracted to things that are up there- it can be the simple hanging toy on the crib or the birds flying in the sky. Why not give the baby something more interesting than this?

Consider painting the ceiling.

Use a soothing color palette just to enhance the theme of the nursery or you can simply go classic and paint some interesting characters or shapes to draw your baby’s attention to.

Create Designated Areas In Nursery

One thing, which every parent will agree is- home decoration for baby is a tricky business! It is not like decorating any other regular room. Decorating a nursery is more of a responsibility and so, you have to keep a lot of things in your mind.

Firstly, you must avoid clutter in the nursery at the initial stage. Nursing will soon become an overwhelming act of juggling if you are not prepared.

Or, rather I should say, you can avoid the act of juggling by simply keeping a separate nursing station. And, mind you it must be near the crib so that there is not much moving around once your baby falls asleep. Nursing needs to be stress-free so keeping these simple things in mind will help you enjoy the new role life has offered you!

Once, you are set with the nursing station, next comes the sanitation station.

Keeping the nursery germ-free as much as possible is good for your baby and also for you. To do so, you need to keep sanitation supplies ready and it must be placed near the changing table. To make the changing process a smooth one, you can set up a rack or tray near the changing table with the immediate supplies like anti-bacterial gel, paper towels, wipes and others ready.

Have a diaper disposal system where you can dump the dirty diapers and heavily soiled clothes. This will make baby home decorations a more rewarding experience later on!

nursery storage

Sorting And Storing

You might think that a baby home decoration does not need any separate storage. This might just be your biggest mistake!

Before you even know it, you will be sorting clothes and storing them with no place to keep! I know this is a total nightmare and soon turn your home decoration for baby into absolute clutter. Do not let this happen to you.

A clothes wardrobe and a storage cabinet is the tow must-have piece of furniture for your baby’s room. You can sort out the clothes in a nursery closet according to type and size. You can also divide the nursery closet into two separate racks with things that your baby needs immediately and other which the baby needs later on. This way the closet will be more accessible and you find the needful things immediately when required.

Nursery storage is another important inclusion of your baby home decorations. Babies do not have tons of books or toys but, soon there will be a time when you will see the room filled with clutter of the same sorts. Solution? Storage.

The storage need not be expensive but creative will do. You can try DIY storage cabinets to keep away the toys and books and make things in order in your nursery.

Mimic The Night Light

Lighting is another important factor to choose for baby home decorations. The lighting you will choose must mimic the night time. Install dimmer lights right above the crib. It will of great help during late night feedings.

You can also use heavy window shade or curtains to guard or fake the daylight when your baby needs a nap during any time of the day. Your baby will rightly know that darkness means bedtime so it will be easier for you to put him to bed as the eyes will get droopy as soon as the room turns dark.

Baby Proof Sooner

Do not wait to baby proof the nursery as anytime now, your baby will be mobile and the not so dangerous things will pose a threat for your toddler. To start with, cover the electrical outlets and tuck away the chords. Use furniture that does not pose a threat- put cribs away from the window.

Rugs are must but that makes your baby more prone to slip. You can secure the area rugs with non-slip floor pads underneath. You need to one step ahead of your little one or soon the baby home decorations will turn into a total disaster.

You don’t want that to happen! Do you?

For all things said and done, keep in mind that home decorations for baby are not all about the design or color schemes but also for the necessity and safety of the baby. Thus, you need to think ahead and design a room that has plenty of room to grow and change as time passes.

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