unique garden paving ideas
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We humans are quite creative by nature and have been showing that talent everywhere and anywhere possible. However, at some places that creativity seems to take a back seat and all we could think of is the usual. Like take for example, while laying garden pavers, all you could think of is the usual, rectangular slabs or the grid and square.

Why not think out of the box??

Why not create some great paving ideas for small gardens as well as the big ones?

Though, most home owners will go the same color-size options, you can break the stereotype and settle for something, something fresh!

Start a revolution of colors, patterns and textures and explore paving ideas for small gardens!!!

Well, before I get too carried away, let me make a point,

The paved space of the garden is more than just a functional choice. You can do the same with them, as you have been doing with the plants and perennials while decoration the garden.

Play with different colors, patterns, textures- develop an atmosphere is simply the reflection of your choice, a fragment of your imagination.

Surprisingly, it is much easier to create a functional space that is totally in-keeping with your garden and home yet will stand out making a statement.

Now, if you have got all paced up to make a difference and create something new, here I have got for all those who don’t hesitate to be creative.

Not The Usual

When we think of paving, our mind tends to jump at the usual conclusions of traditional rectangles and squares. But, that is not the end to it. You can choose paving slabs in lots of different sizes and shapes and create patterns to do the talking.

Even, if you have a small garden, the paving ideas for small gardens suggest that, you can enjoy the opportunity to do the same.

A country style garden can blend in with gentle curves of a round paved area. You can style it up with lush borders and informal planting bordering the pavers. But, do not just limit yourself to the circular area or pattern.

Squaring off stones also works great for paving ideas for small gardens. Use the stones for curved detailing through a square paved area. You can join the corners of such stones to make a straight edge that will lead to your house or a certain area in the garden.

unique garden paving texture

New Textures Are In

Even the slabs are joining the revolution to pave something beautiful and creative in the garden. You might think that paving slabs all look fairly similar and only the color are different.

Think again!!

Slabs found in the market today are screaming creativity. Not using them for any innovative purpose is serious crime!!

On a more serious note, slabs for paving come in different textures that could easily make an impact on the outdoor space. The paving ideas for small gardens allow the home owners to turn balconies into a more private space with plants and of course, the porcelain slabs.

Its glossy and smooth texture is perfect if you are looking for a sophisticated look against a crisp white wall. For a striking statement you try out the same decoration on the blander back drop as well.

If you are lucky enough to live in a period property or have a rustic garden unlike, the city dwellers, you are one lucky being!

The natural stone effect can do wonders emphasizing and complementing the beauty of the period display. Use natural slate or sandstone effect slabs if you are looking to stun or for a more comfortable and softer edge for a cozy space.

experimental pattern for paving

Patterns Become Experimental

The finished look on your patio or the look of the paved path in your garden will depend on the slabs you have chosen and the pattern in, which you lay them.
Laying pattern makes all the difference and a tiny difference of clever cutting the slabs will make it outstanding from every day.

Traditional grids are fine and of course, mundane. Play with the traditional pattern and lay the slabs of square, plank-shaped and rectangle in the staggered brick patterns. Create the stylish herringbone look with plank-shaped slabs if you have the same for the interiors.

Contemporary living oozes the sophisticated and stylish look. However, if you are all for rustic feel and motif, why not try it out with the slabs?

A mixed paving pack is ideal, or something that uses natural colors and textures, for the rustic look. A more relaxed and informal pattern is possible with three stones containing different shapes and a laying guide.

You will soon find something that oozes charm and beauty of the pastoral theme.

Wood Effect Slabs

Crave the rustic farm house of the Scandinavian origin? Want the same feel in your garden? The slabs can do that for you!

Achieve the look of classic timber decks and aged floorboards with plank effect paving slabs. They are stylish, on-trend and tactile, in short anything that reflects rustic. The best part of these designs is, they are more on the low maintenance and durable end. Pair it up with statement plants, and your paving ideas for small gardens is good to go.

cobbled garden paving

Get Chic Or Classic

Rustic textures can be defined by several patterns. The country style traditional look can be achieved with a cobbled surface. Complement it with colorful plantings. Whether, it rustic, chic or contemporary, complementing it with the ideal plants can create an effect of vivid imagery.

Make the gaps between the slabs for decorative rather than functional. Design them with low-growing herbs, like thyme. They charm with a fantastic scent and are perfect for ground coverage. Accentuate the bold green splashes with grass and crate a mix n match melody of colors and designs of perfect visual display.

Pebbles, gravels and small stones are also wonderful to fill up the gaps between slabs. They can be used for a bold statement or to soften the edges.

Your paving project can be anything you want it to be. From experimental to decorative to full of textures and patterns, creativity never loses its charm. Lay the paving path not by following traditions but, by creating something new.

Painter and a Cynophilist, Ipshita Maulik swears by yoga and started writing when she least expected it. From Kolkata, she is currently working as a Content Writer in a Digital Marketing Company. Here are few things she loves- eating at new places, hanging out with her friends and everything that are cruelty free.

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