spring decorating ideas
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As the sunnier days are fast approaching melting the winter snow, you must be thinking how to do the same for your house. Winter gives no scope for brighter colors and warm feeling, but spring is just the beginning to think of colors again. So, if you want to break out from your winter rut and add some warmer hues to your home decorations, these ideas will catch your attention.

The ideas are quickest and spring friendly, so without wasting much time, give it a read to transform your old furrow into a blossoming castle.

Start With Small Things

Well, if you are thinking of painting those walls, to splash some colours in it, then, hold that thought. Why not start with the small things to prep things up a bit for spring? And by small things I mean, start by updating your pillow covers. Fabrics like tweed, velvet or silk are fashionable and in-demand all year round, but, it seems too heavy for the spring and summer months.

It is much easier to give your home decor frequent updates by just changing the pillow covers as per the season. This way you can do a lot more and save also. Spring is a great time to bring in some breezy colours and fabrics to refresh the winter undertone. Try out printed cotton and even linen to lighten up things, just like the season is.

Bedding Comes Next

Once the pillow covers are good to go, why not try to refresh the next best thing? Your bedroom is as important as any other part of the house. So, what can be more gratifying than to welcome spring and treat yourself with some wonderful bedding? Instantly brighten up your bedroom with a new duvet and shams. This easy fixes brings colour to your bedroom without changing much. Best thing about them is, it will motivate you to make bed every day! Isn’t it great!!!!


Bedroom and living room might be the important part of the house, but you can do a lot more with the accessories. Freshen, things up for spring in fun vases and filling them up with springtime rolls around big statement leaves. From banana leaves to palms and papyrus, they make great statement leaves and a low maintenance way to add freshness to the room. There is also a no-fuss option. You can make the leaves live for months by regularly refreshing the water and trimming the bottom of the leaves.

Furniture Rearrangements

The ultimate no-cost decorating tip- re-arrange or, make changes in the floor plan of your living room. Move your furniture around and it will also be quick and at the same time, you will get a brand new feel for the fresh season.

Colors Are Welcome

Spring is all about brightness and warm hues. Bring the same feel in your house too! Colourful accessories are always in and you can add it in your spring update list. Interesting pieces, affordable vases and colourful book covers can brighten up any entry console within minutes.
When you are accessorising your home, gold-leaf pieces, bold agate accents and fashion books and magazines work wonders. Gift cases and jewellery boxes are also great to accent the spring preparation.

Warm, Clean Feeling

Winter is messy and no-compromising, but spring is not. The image of spring brings nothing but warm sunny pictures in your mind. Finally with spring, things will start to get cleaner. Do the same with your homes. A little touch-up and clearing the dingy corners of the winter will make you and your home all happy and prepared for the season.

Simplicity Is The Magic Word

Spring is the time when you want the freshness of the outdoors to be reflected in your lifestyle and your home decor too. Home renewal does not mean you have to change every nook and corner of your house. Try out the bare floors, decorate the walls, remove the usual accessories and bring some green plants instead. You will feel reborn in the natural world again.

Spring is all about the warm feeling when finally the nature around you blooms back in its full form. Take inspiration from the nature around you and soon you will find living in a new house on your same old address.

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