Benefits of swimming
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Since the inception of life on our planet earth, water has played an important role in upbringing and maintaining the entire system. The fact is true to this day as recent studies by Swim England are showing that water is an ideal place exercise for people of all ages. More importantly, this magical liquid known as water is particularly beneficial for people with long term health issues.

The report further stresses on the fact that, swimmers live longer as swimming regularly help individuals stay fit both physically and mentally. This is true for old and young alike. If you are specially thinking of swimming and its benefits for your child, then, there are some interesting facts as well. Studies have shown that, students who participate in this water activity regularly develop physical, cognitive and social skills quicker than those who do not.

No wonder many countries are initiating swimming classes for young ones as much as babies. Thus, the earlier your child starts, the better it develops the abilities to live a healthy and happy life.

Swimming is a lucrative activity? Yes! However, unknown to, many is that, swimming is an aerobic exercise recommended to expectant mother. Also, most of us do not realize is swimming does wonders for skin. This luxurious and fun activity has many things in store for us. So let’s dive in and see what swimming has in store for us!!!

Gives Glowing Skin

In swimming, every dive counts. And by counts, I mean whenever you flap your feet to swim, your heart rate increases, increasing the blood flow in your entire body. This activity helps nourishes the skin boosting metabolism. Removal of toxins becomes more rapid due to this internal process.

Therefore, for people who are looking for natural ways to improve skin texture, what can be better than getting wet and try this activity?! Swimming regularly will give you a healthy glowing skin and help you maintain it as you age. So, no more wasting money on big brand crèmes and serums, Impressive, right!

Improves Strength And Muscle Definition

Regular swimming help you gain muscle strength throughout the body. While runners accumulate more muscle build up in their legs, swimming utilize more muscles groups, distributed throughout the body, to move through the water.

Swimming is done in a rhythm much like aerobics. The legs kick and the arms pull and while the back reaches and rotates, the stomach tightens to power the legs and stabilize the core. This makes swimming one of the best aerobics exercises of all time.

P.S.: Listen up, all those health enthusiasts! If you are looking for something for entire body work out, the answer is: just dive in!

Gives Flexibility

Forgetting to do the stretches every morning? Rise and shine to a better option. Swimming includes lots of activities like reaching, stretching, twisting and pulling your way through the water. Your ankles acts like a fin as it pushes the water pressure aside with each stroke to go forward against the liquid pressure. The repetitive stretching in each stroke helps you with flexibility.

Great For Lower Asthma

Nothing is as frustrating as trying to do exercise but unable to get your breathing right. Well, this does not mean you cannot exercise at all. While, gym and other exercises are done in dry air with more pollen counts, swimming allows you to breath in moist air while training. Thus, it is great to alleviate asthma. Studies have also shown that it can improve the overall condition of the lungs. This is another reason why, swimming is also considered a great exercise for children.

Give Better Sleep

According to the report from The Sleep Foundation in 2013, people who practice vigorous exercises like swimming, gets improved night twice as better than those who do not. Now, you can bid adieu your insomnia and get some sleep to wake as fresh as a blooming daisy. Who knew this!!!

Mental Benefits Of Swimming

You do not have to bear any super natural power to feel the healing and meditative abilities of water. Swimming is a relaxant allowing more oxygen to flow in muscles and forces to regulate better breathing system.

As swimming regulates breathing, it has substantial effect in improving the functions of the brain through the process known as hippocampal neurogenesis. This process enables the brain to replace the cells which it had lost due to stress.

So, guys who are out there feeling motivated already, lose no time and just dive in to absorb the power of water and stroke your way to a healthy life.

Painter and a Cynophilist, Ipshita Maulik swears by yoga and started writing when she least expected it. From Kolkata, she is currently working as a Content Writer in a Digital Marketing Company. Here are few things she loves- eating at new places, hanging out with her friends and everything that are cruelty free.

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