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Its shout-out-loud time guys, its Halloween time! Even if you do not shout out loud, you got to admit that festive season is finally here. And, you do not have any other choice rather than being happy or in case of Halloween, spooked! From the history of Halloween to its diversified celebrations all around the world, it is definitely the right way to ring to the festive seasons.

When we are talking about Halloween, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Mmmmmmm….yep that’s right!

It is the costume and you got to do it right no matter what.

Now let’s not waste time and dig up some spooky and not-so-spooky Halloween dress code ideas so that you can give some fear and add to the aura of true Haloween spirit.

What say?

Let’s get started…

1. Halloween and Harry Potter- Perfect Combination

We are just not quite over with the Potter fever and we never will be. So, keeping in mind that, let’s pay a tribute to the dark yet fascinating tale of Harry Potter and dress up like him. You must be thinking

“Why I did not think of it before?”

I know I am fascinating that way.

Just put on an oval glasses and striped scarf and oh! Do not forget the lightning bolt on your forehead and you are good to go! You do not need any polyjuice potion for that! You might also win the best Halloween dress code ideas contest.

Magic happens.

minnie mouse halloween costume


2. Minnie Mouse- Cuteness Overloaded

The Walt Disney legend we all know and grew up with-Minnie mouse!

People all around the world probably know Minnie mouse more than they know about the history of Halloween. Intriguing right?

For the girls and also the women out there who did not get enough of Minnie Mouse can become one, this season. Minnie Mouse costume is cute and if you are single, you might get your Mickey as well. If you know what I mean!?

So go with the flow and let the Halloween cast its spell.

3. Soda Bottles- Time For Some Halloween Pop

Planning something out-of-the-box? Think bottle.

I mean dressing up as soda bottles is kind of unique and is perfect to grab some attention. So before you pop that next bottle of soda while reading this, give it a thought. This costume can also be as one of the best DIY Halloween dress code ideas. So, whether its pop, fizz or soda for you, Halloween is going to be drooling for you!!

4. Spice Girls- BFFs for Halloween and Beyond

You and your girl gang can make equally interesting history like the history of Halloween this season by dressing up as Spice Girls!

Not the Spice Girls you are thinking about but, it is another adorable alternative and also one of the smart Halloween dress code ideas.

It is one of the sure ways to spice things up and get all your friends together to dress up with the spice-cabinet-meets-girl group costume. It is sure fun, innovative and spicy!

This costume is easy to make. All you got to do is head to the local copy store to print out gigantic images of print jars and you are ready to add the flavor to the spook and everything eerie.

5. Spider Web- As Eerie As It Gets

Halloween and spiders have a long history. They blend in like the perfect concoction of your favorite cocktail.

Yes! Both are creepy and both are best related to the night so why not try that in your costume. It might sound a bit complicated but, once you get the idea, you can wear it in so many various ways! Go spidey..!!

mary poppins and bert costume halloween

6. Mary Poppins And Bert- The Idea Is Enchanting Itself

Attending a Halloween party with you pal? Out of the many Halloween dress code ideas, this is one can make sweet memories, just what Mary Poppins did for the kids. Ring a bell?

Make this simple DIY costume without punching a hole in your wallet yet you can load some appreciation for this costume idea.

Just pair a dark midi skirt with a white ruffled and button-down shirt and top it with a blazer. Add the final touch with the iconic red-ribbon around your neck…

Well, hello Mary Poppins. Do not forget to add the large black umbrella as the costume is incomplete without it.

It is as simple for your pal: some ash colored eye-shadow and a broom, he or she is a quick shift to the original character- Bert in the movie.

7. Rocky Balboa-Pump Up Those Muscles

You do not need so much of a costume as much you need to put on some muscles. Rocky Balboa- played by legendary Sylvester Stallon could be your solution to a Halloween costume party. For, the guys who are gym fanatics, those painful pushups and crunches will finally pay off when you effortlessly flaunt those muscles and get an appreciation for your outfit.

Gym shorts and boxing gloves- you are all sorted to display the hunk in you and look effortlessly cool and in the mood for a Halloween costume party (even if you are not).

minion costume halloween 2018

8. Minion Costume- Too Cute To Make Any Sense

The history of Halloween is not adorable like that of the Minions. That is why they have already captured millions of heart. Their cute jibbers and unfathomable spirit to find a servile master make them the coolest of all. Why not add them to your Halloween costume and you will also be too cute to get arrested!

9. Sia Costume

Loved the cheap thrills? So did I! Why not be Sia for the night and be trendiest (and necessarily not the cheapest) of them all. All you need is a signature two-toned wig and pair it up with your black and white ensemble. Now that is the simplest costume or what?

10. Fred and Wilma Flintstones- Halloween Couple Costumes Goals

Bring the favorite prehistory couple from our childhood days and you and your partner can give major couple goals this Halloween.

Creative Halloween dress code ideas are just available in abundance and all you have to do is think and or maybe go back to those childhood days. They are memories and options galore to give you some affordable and coolest Halloween costume ideas that you never thought would find.

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