common mistakes in keto diet

Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In knowing What Is Keto Diet?

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A while back I have written about, what is keto diet and the things, which every beginner needs to know before plunging into the keto routine. Ketogenic diet is taking the world by storm and many are still looking for the answers of, what is keto diet? To start with, […]

diy home improvement ideas

DIY Home Improvement For Thrifty Home Owners

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Home improvement without burning a hole in your pocket is possible. For budget friendly home owners who still want to make their house look great inside-out can dig into the coolest and really affordable diy home improvement ideas to get the best of both the worlds. Yes! You have heard […]

nipah virus in india

Know About Nipha Virus And Things Related To It

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We humans have always been skeptical about the unknown, whether it is a place, person, situation and the worse is a disease. Diseases, which are yet to be known by man are still regarded as the deadliest. This is mostly due to the fact that, we perceive the disease to […]

exercise and diet for healthy living

Diet And Exercise Plan To Stay Fit And Active

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Losing weight quickly is a myth! Yes! You have heard that right, though everyone seems to be pretty hasty about losing weight quickly and getting fit overnight. Well, guys that is not possible at least in this world. In reality, you need to maintain a proper diet and exercise plan […]