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We all lead a busy life and I get it if you are unable to take out time from your busy schedule and do the necessary daily body workout.

However, not having enough time to do the necessary workout should not be your excuse. Especially when these workouts require not more than half an hour, it does deserve a place in your daily routine.

Why the daily body workout?

Hectic schedules, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, stress, and anxiety do take a toll on your body. And, even if you are not that athletic or serious exerciser, keeping fit and healthy does matter. Hitting the gym simply for your daily body workout can be intimidating for many, especially when they are not known to the right techniques.

So, what is the solution for them?

It is not at all necessary, to spend hours in the gym for a fit and healthy body when it comes to improving your overall health. On the contrary, it is much necessary to make sure that you maximize your time in a day to achieve a healthy body and mind requiring much less than an hour.

So, all those health freaks and beginners out there, let’s get started,


The simple yet one of the powerful exercises you can think of. Walking helps you at different levels, from keeping you trim and healthy to controlling various conditions like cholesterol levels, reducing blood sugar and improving heart health.

Walking as a means of your daily body workout works on several areas strengthening bones, uplift your mood and check on blood pressure. Studies have also proven that walking as a part of physical activity improves memory and resists against age-related memory loss.

A well-fitted and supportive pair of shoes and you is good to go. Start by walking 10 to 15 minutes in a single time. Once, you are comfortable try to increase it further by walking 30 to 60 minutes at a time.

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Adding squats to your daily body workout is great to burn those calories. This exercise works on a large group of muscles. Squats consist of up and down motion resembling the motion of getting in and out of the chair. If you are new to squats, you can first practice by getting up and down from a chair.

To with this exercise, you have to start by keeping your back straight and feet apart at shoulder’s length. Hands should be in extended with knees forming 90 degrees with the ankles. Maintain this position while you go down as your butt touches the chair. Then, return to the original standing position.

This is how you should initially start doing squats. For danced level, you can include weights while doing squats and of course, without the chair. Including squats in your Daily body workout is a great way to have toned and firm muscles along with strengthening the bones of the lower body.

Push Ups

This is one of the basic and you might also say classic exercise to strengthen the upper body. It includes chest, triceps, shoulders, and core (abdominal muscles).

Beginners can start by extending their arm slightly more than the shoulder width with their hands against a plain and unmovable surface. Once you are in this position, bend your elbows until your chest touches the edge of the surface. Your toes will only bend keeping the legs and back in a straight line. Consequently, push your body away from the surface until the initial position is achieved or your arms are fully extended.

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This daily body workout is the same as the squat for it works on a large set of muscles. However, there is an additional benefit to the lunges, as it improves balance. Practicing lunges can be simple like take a big enough step forward by forming a 90-degree angle with the knee and the ankle. Keep the spine neutral or upright and straight, no bending forward. The trailing leg should have its knee bend close to the floor with the toes accepting the body weight and significant pressure. End the session by coming back to the standing position. Repeat it with other leg.

Once you have mastered this form, you can do more advanced form and include weights in the exercise as well.

The Plank

The plank is one of the best exercises to tighten and strengthen the deepest core muscles of the body. Thus, it deserves a place in your daily body workout regime. Here, you use your arm to raise yourself from the floor and keep it straight and rigid as a plank of wood. The entire pressure and significant weight of the body is concentrated on the arms.

This exercise is quite flexible, for you can practice it anywhere with no equipment required. Hold the position for one minute and come back to the initial posture. Plank is a powerful exercise and considered more effective than sit-ups and crunches. It works excellent on abdominal muscles. Planks can be categorized into three forms,
• Basic Plank
• Side Plank
• Prone skydive

Bent Over Row

The last group of muscles like biceps and back gets a good exercise with the bent-over row. Beginners can also include this in their daily workout and practice by sitting on a bench. However, it is ideally practiced by standing.

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Wrap up your daily body workout with yoga. Yoga is significant in making you more aware of your body’s alignment, posture and movement patterns. It is ideal to make your body feel relaxed even if it is stressed out. These are some of the important reasons for people depending on yoga for their mental and physical well being. Yoga makes you feel more energetic, fit and peaceful in your state of mind. The best part of yoga is, it can be practiced anywhere without the help of any equipment. All you need to do is take care of the breathing patterns and it’s pretty much sorted.

Few things to remember…..

Before you start doing daily body workout, ensure that you are fit and healthy enough to practice and finish them. For professional assistance, you can consult a doctor or orthopaedist for clearing your queries. Apart from the physical health, you must also follow a healthy diet along with daily physical activities for effective results.

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