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Who said you can only decorate your NEW house?

Home is the place where you come at the end of the day to relax and rejuvenate. If you are well rooted in your origin, home is the first place you need to be even after traveling the whole world.

So, when you are looking into Home decoration guides, you necessarily do not need a new home to decorate it. Your existing home is good enough to start your re-decorating venture.

Wondering how to give your home that big-shot makeover even in a strict budget? You are at the right place

Let me share with you some simple yet elegant Home decoration guides that you can use to design your old as your new home.

Clear The Clutter

First things first!

Home is the place where you need to find some peace (not talking about inner peace, though) and serenity as soon as you step in, amidst all other things that drive you crazy for the entire day.

So to breathe in life into your hectic and messy schedule, you need to ensure that your home is breathing enough.

Didn’t got it?!

Even before you look through the home decoration guides, you need to clean the space from all the clutter that you have been cheerfully heaving up all these years! Recycle, reuse and even if you cannot do anything, just let them go!

Clearing the air in your room will let you re-invent the inner space of your house. You can try those new things, which you have been postponing till date due to lack of space.

This brings us to point no. 2…

plant in home decoration

Bring A Plant

Clearing the clutter is just the beginning.

Though to some, it might feel a little unnatural but adding a plant into your living space can instantly breathe life to the air and clear the area of all the negative energy. It gives room to something new, creative and positive.

I know you might not have thought about it in this way but, investing in a plant can transform your home for the good. In most of the latest home decoration guides, you will find experts suggesting to bring in a plant and see the difference created instantly.

Redefine Style

Style differs from person to person. However, you will agree with one thing that, style is not only buying expensive stuff and placing them in your home. Style is all about bringing in the right items and placing them is a way which will create the perfect balance in your inner space.

Style is not blindly following home decoration guides, but to mix and match your favorite furniture with home accessories and create something which is original and creative. Show your confidence through your style. Your house will soon turn as bring and fresh as a new house.

Second-Hand Furniture Does Count

When you are decorating, you start everything anew and afresh.

However, creativity lies when you need to work on your second-hand furniture and re-invent the entire space with old stuff. Do not straightaway invest in new furniture, but start with things that are around you. Look at magazines and paper clippings, see the artwork and pattern the furniture ahs in those clippings. If you find anything similar to yours, do not be afraid to assert your style and try something new.

The furniture and collectibles you already own will help you create something absolutely new, something, which you have not thought before! Get inspired by anything that helps you channelize your creativity, bringing you the perfect home.

coffee table tray

A Tray For Coffee Table

We all know, paying attention to little things in life, makes a lot of difference.

This face is true throughout. Adding or changing little things in your home decoration scheme can make a lot of difference. According to some home decoration guides, adding an air of sophistication in your existing space need not be stressful or an expensive job.

For instance, your coffee table will not make a big difference, but adding a tray to it will do! Use the tray for multiple functions. Fill it in with some books, or with a set of pretty coasters.

Say hello to the grown-up dorm look!

The tray will look pretty and it is easy to move when you need to place a drink or two on the table.

Light it Up

Lighting can accentuate a space. You can use this for your living space as well. Change the old boring lighting and bring in some peppy options. Use interesting lampshades to bring different tone and mood to space. This is an inexpensive and interesting option to upgrade your home without doing much.

Preserve The Art

Shift your focus on the walls as it has a lot to do to uplift a space and breathe life to it. For instance, if the colors of the walls do not need a touch-up, do not stop right there. Adorn the walls of your home with posters or artwork in frames. It will qualify as a vintage look and most importantly, it is a nice addition to home decoration guides.

Get the frames ASAP!

Paint A Part

If you are looking to paint, do not go for the entire room. Let’s admit, it is a lot of work and quite not in the budget. So, what you can do?

Paint a part of the wall, the part which you want to highlight or will bring a nice change to the room. You can also decorate the wall with framed arts to draw a striking contrast between the other walls.

Little is more and once you understand this concept, your home will soon become a new world amidst all the craziness.

Painter and a Cynophilist, Ipshita Maulik swears by yoga and started writing when she least expected it. From Kolkata, she is currently working as a Content Writer in a Digital Marketing Company. Here are few things she loves- eating at new places, hanging out with her friends and everything that are cruelty free.

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