Welcome to My Web Pen- a blog about lifestyle, health and everything decorative and thank you for stopping by.

My name is Ipshita Maulik and this is my personal attempt to reach out to the health freaks and design enthusiasts out there who believes in DIY kind of things. Hailing from Kolkata, I have seen this city changed a lot over the years yet, has hold on to its heritage and what it is popularly known as to be the “City Of Joy”. A lot of what I am writing in this blog is inspired from the city where I live- its people, the fashion and of course the ever evolving health notion, which the people of this city have largely embraced.

Now a few things about myself, I am from English Honours (B.A.) background passed out from Calcutta University (2012). I have done my Masters in English from Rabindra Bharati University (2015). Though, initially never thought of making a career or living out of writing, but a chance of fate I guess, in 2013, I joined my first company as a Jr. Content Writer and hence the journey began.

Now, writing has evolved for me, more like a passion. Being an ardent reader, the narration and storylines of books and how the author impeccably put forth its thoughts and reaches out to the millions, amazes me. Quite inspired from my favourite authors and their style of writing, I too wanted to reach out to the mass and contribute in the blog-spheres and writing community.

Digital Market, being one of the most powerful tools in today’s world, is ideal to connect to people and the mass. So, this is being another reason for me to join the blog-sphere- to connect to the mass and share the common thoughts about the life and everything in it.
So, here is a thought, I share my ideas and thoughts and why not you join me in the conversation and make this place a better one for the likes of us. You can read more here as you are always welcome.

Feel free to contact me at mywpen@gmail.com as well if you have something to share- ideas, comments or what should I write about next.