xeriscape landscaping
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The way we view our yards has changed. Decades ago, they were a lot for show—the immaculately manicured lawns, the tidy trees. Today, however, yards—in particular the backyard—are much more extensions of our living spaces than they are simply showpieces. And especially if your yard is in need of a little love, a backyard renovation is a chance to do more than gain additional square footage for cooking, dining, and playing. A yard renovation has been shown to significantly increase curb appeal and potential value of a home.

But before you rent a tiller and head to the nursery to buy a bunch of landscaping materials, do some planning. Any yard must be carefully looked at for how it currently works and how it can work once you implement changes that will enhance your life. Want more ideas for your backyard transformation? This graphic can help.

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How to Make a Private Oasis in Your Own Backyard


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