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Losing weight quickly is a myth!

Yes! You have heard that right, though everyone seems to be pretty hasty about losing weight quickly and getting fit overnight. Well, guys that is not possible at least in this world. In reality, you need to maintain a proper diet and exercise plan that will help you slowly and steadily lose weight. You will be more successful that way other than following marketing gimmick that promises weight loss over night.

Moreover, when you are following a plan be, it diet or fitness, it helps you to get healthy and fit along the process. People who want to get fit or want to lose that extra flab need to know about healthy and sustainable weight lose.

It is not just about what you eat (well, it is to some extent) or about controlling the cravings, but also about the lifestyle you are leading, (I mean the late nights are getting a bit rough!?). There are no shortcuts to healthy lifestyle also, which takes us to the one thing, exercise.

A diet, without exercise, or an exercise without diet is simply not going to work and I think many of you have already understood that.

So, guys if you want to see your fittest self, at least in this lifetime, and want to get fabulous, take out those running shoes and get going!

Diet And Exercise Plan With H2O

Heading off to spin class, or excited to attend your first gym class, it can get even better with the right amount of hydration. Water in the moderate quantity helps the body to stay energized.

No wonder you have the best workout on the bright winter mornings.

But, the summer days do not have to be dehydrated. Athletic drinks loaded with electrolyte are the source of unnecessary calories. Water will do just fine and act as a good replacement if you are working out for an hour or less.

However, if you are vigorous about your fitness training, feel free to go for regular athletic drink like Gatorade and their oomph of calories to replenish the loss.
This is not it!

If water is getting simply mundane for you and looking for some flavors, there are also low-cal energy drinks. All you have to do is, look for them in the grocery aisle.

Your Fitness Buddy

A workout buddy is as important as your diet and exercise plan.

Finally, you got to hear something you like. Take a friend to tag along with you in the gym and make it a routine. A buddy who is also into fitness and workout is quite charming, but most importantly, it is helpful to keep you motivated. You will find someone who will inspire as you perspire.

From friends to gym buddies, I mean can you get any luckier!!

And, if your friend is already a fitness freak, stay rest assured that you are on the right track to get healthy and fit, only quicker.

healthy eating

Stock The Stack

Well, good-for-health-foods constitute a big part of diet and exercise plan. On one hand, you will get enough food that will help you get healthy; there are some which will make the process a lot easier.

A quick check on the following items for your next visit to the grocery store will keep you ahead in your journey to weight loss and staying fit at the same time.
? Balsamic vinegar (your veggies and salads can now get a flavorful, yet low-calorie twist)
? Shelled Nuts ( satisfaction guaranteed with the fiber and protein upkeep)
? Fat-free plain yogurt (a creamy source of protein, comforting!)

You can also use another flavorful substitute to the plain yogurt, Greek yogurt. It works wonder for salads, dips and dressings. It is tangier and gives a zing to your otherwise, mundane food.

Talk about multitasking, huh!

Goodbye To Achy Muscles

A grueling workout can be strenuous to the body. It is a sure part of your diet and exercise plan, but you are left feeling exhausted and not to forget those aches, (I mean the tight calves and sore thighs)

Soreness can be an issue after a tough workout, so you can definitely do something to relieve your body from the disturbing aches. A post-fitness cold bath is ideal to relieve your body from those annoying aches and it feels refreshing.

You can also throw in some ice cubes to make sure that the lower body gets enough cold. This tactic is used by many top athletes, a sure trick to win over soreness and ache. Another thing, you need to keep in mind, one or two massage in a month is also wonderful way to fast recovery after training.

Now, that is something you will be glad to try!

healthy hunger cravings

Ready, Steady, Fruits

Late night sugar cravings are getting annoying? They won’t just let you go?

No worries!

You can satisfy your sweet tooth without getting over the edge of your calorie limit. Yes! You havbe heard it right,

It is possible,

And simple,

Eating fruits are the perfect way to glorify your late night sweet pangs. Bid adieu to chocolate cake and say hello to an apple with a nut better, to make it even better. Your sweet sleep can’t gets even better!

Get Comfortably Sneaky

By sneaky, I did not mean that you need to sneak around to lose weight.

Instead of sneaking around, you need to buy a pair of comfortable sneakers gets you into ease from the first step. A pair of sneakers that are a little roomy enough to wiggle your big toe can do wonders for your diet and exercise plan. They will be more so, even after wearing it for 20 to 40 miles.

workout with music

Your Music Buddy

First there was the workout buddy and now it is the music buddy!

Running alone and no friends to keep you company? You can still get to the grove and do your best with, music, of course.

Make sure that the music is not bursting out loud and you are good to go with your miles of running and brisk walking.

There is no thumb-rule to diet and exercise plan for it is always welcoming as long as it is doing the job. Liberty is, you can make it as interesting as you want.
What you waiting for, get going and get gorgeous!

Painter and a Cynophilist, Ipshita Maulik swears by yoga and started writing when she least expected it. From Kolkata, she is currently working as a Content Writer in a Digital Marketing Company. Here are few things she loves- eating at new places, hanging out with her friends and everything that are cruelty free.

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