eco-friendly landscaping trends
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Environmental issues are not new to the world or its inhabitants. Years of ignorance have finally taken its toll and getting back to the generations ahead of us. However, as true as this is, it is never too late when you realize. Environmental consciousness is spreading all around and that too for the good.

Whether it is the homes, or the energy sources, the impact of environment friendly substitutes can be seen all over. The creative things are too is now shifting more towards conserving the planet rather than just making it look good for the sake of it. If the consciousness of saving the planet too is the gnawing thought then, why not start with your house.

Exactly! You have heard it right. Smart landscaping solutions are now shifting more towards creative and innovative way to adapt to and include environmental elements. This is not all, as technology continues to evolve; outdoor living is not far behind.

As per the National Association of Landscape Professional or NALP, the top landscape trends of the year 2018 will reflect the evolution of trends in outdoor living taking it to the next level.They have also suggested that, as outdoor living has continued to grow for the last few years, property and home owners are innovating landscaping ideas in fun new ways.

Pragmatic Landscape Designing

Today’s landscaping is not just for beauty and making your neighbours jealous. Well, a bit may be! But, it is now focusing more on creatively and thoughtfully built landscaping ideas that are meant for a whole lot of things. Whether you are working, playing or living, outdoor is the new indoor. More residential landscapes are coming up with designated areas for cooking, relaxing, dining and even working.

Who would have thought that outdoors can actually be the place to find security and freedom all over again. 2018 landscaping trends are so educing that even office landscapes are getting a fresh touch of experiential landscaping. Including bicycle and walking paths in office landscape is brining a positive change for the employees.

Experience to a landscape begins right from the entrance – beautiful lawns, designing elements, plantings making a welcoming first impression wowing the visitors with its first sight.

Climate Savvy Landscaping

Weather patterns are changing all around the world and this too has an impact of the environment friendly landscaping. Taking the changing weather on its stride, landscape enhancements are introduced to withstand the extreme conditions. As a result, outdoors spaces are now more enjoyable on unseasonably warm or cool days.
More landscapes are designed keeping the unexpected in mind. Elements like pergolas with retractable canopies protecting the outdoor spaces and from rain, wind and snow, patios can now have outdoor heaters on chillier nights. Newer and better landscaping materials are introduced to handle the drastic temperature fluctuations.

Addition Of Garden Pollinators

Sustainability, eco-friendly and environmentally landscapes is the theme of the year 2018 and we are happy about it. An increased concern for pollinators and their significance in our eco system is paving a road to greener future.

This vital facts and increased nature consciousness is inspiring home owners to design gardens that will specifically attract vital honeybees, butterflies and humming birds. If you too are inspired to create more pollinators in your backyard, here is a thought! Start by adding plantings, native by nature and is also an abundant source of year round nectar. Plant them throughout your yard and see Mother Nature fluttering and buzzing in your yard.

Focus On Managing And Conserving Water

No eco-friendly ideas are complete without proper water management and conservation. Water conservation is been a buzzword for years and it will be for the years to come. Sustainability in landscaping is more than just a word; it influences the some of the major trends of landscaping at present and years to come.

In short, in the years 2018, eco-friendly water practices are expected to evolve. Trends like using plants native to the region (that will use less water), xeriscaping and innovative irrigation technology will continue to evolve.

Plants With Playful Patterns And Colors

Year 2017 was all about simple greenery and elegance but, that is the talk to the yesteryears. This year is all about fun and color. The renewed interest in adding a dash of colors to whimsy landscapes are in rage. Integrating more verbena, violets, iris, clematis and other colorful flowers is totally in.

It is also a great year for patterned plants as they are enjoying their due spot light in the landscaping scenario. These are considered unique plants for their intricate details, brightly colored veins and striped leaves.

The backyard landscaping is providing a perfect opportunity to give Mother Nature its due respect. It is also aligned to the growing concern for adapting more Eco-friendly choices and elements for a better future.

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