summer landscaping ideas
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The cold winter months are finally over and you are all ready to get your hands dirty and of course, dirty for the good. Fall is all about prepping up your garden for the months ahead so that it stays colorful all year round. However, gardening is all about the plants and shrubs and taking care of them after the cold winter season.
Well, a smart gardener already knows the answer to that one.

Gardening in its truest sense might just be to tend the plants and the shrubs but, that’s definitely not all to it. Gardening also means to beautify your yard, there is every bit of landscaping in it which will not only make your garden look beautiful but, also your home.

Landscaping your garden will simply spruce up the outdoors and add variety to the place you call home. Soon, your garden will be the natural escapade; you want to take refuge into, after a hard day at work or spent the weekends with your loved ones by chatting away.

So, who says paradise is lost when you can have it right at your backyard. Check out some of the ideas to add colors and brightness to the garden with a bit of landscaping too.

Bold Colored Fence

Probably the most quick and affordable means to upgrade your garden is to color those tired looking and winter tortured fences. You might not have given it a thought, but, if there are fences surrounding your garden, coloring it up will take away every bit of rot from it giving it a warm feeling.

Summer is known to be the happiest season and adding bold colors to it (apart from the flowers of course) will make it one outdoor structure, you can’t get enough of. The traditional white picket fence used to be popular till the time contemporary ideas started to swoop up those thoughts.

Soon the contemporary European inspired dark green, blue and bold colored fences started dictating the summer garden. By simply coloring the fences, you can add a slice of drama to your backyard as the lush green garden will pose as a sharp contrast with the dark colored fence. Try it and you will not regret.

Reinvent The Lawn

Day dreaming for quiet country life with nothing but lush greeneries surrounding your cottage and serenity capturing your soul, is probably the common thought of every urban dwellers. This sense of seeking peace amidst nature is instinctive in man since the Romantic ages. And things have not changed a bit especially when work life is kicking you in every possible way.

However, you can enjoy that country life right in your backyard. Some simple changes in your lawn grass will give you all the peace in the world. If well watered and trimmed lawn is simply the symbol of country life for you, some lawn alternatives trending this summer are where your heart lies.

As the common problems like water shortages, droughts and rising environmental issues on fertilizers is taking its toll, take a step back and think otherwise. Great alternatives to traditional lawn type like prairie type grasses and habiturf makes complete sense as you need not mow them and fits with the notion of sustainability as well.

Cheers For Natural Materials

Rising environmental issues have taking its sharp slide on landscaping so much so that the reign of hardscaping materials are coming to an end. With more requests for natural materials and geometric patterns, you too can include some fresh ideas in your yard this summer. As the once much outcast and now esteemed ideas are making a comeback with all things going natural, you too can renew your interest on everything organic and authentic.

Garden benches, swing seats and every kind of smaller outdoor furniture is renewing the market of landscaping and offering effective alternatives to go green initiative to landscapers and home owners. Even if you have minimalistic garden ideas, natural materials like stone and wood have amazing scope.

Dog Friendly Landscaping

Wondering how to have a beautiful yard and a dog too? Well, for decades, two of these did not well but, now things are changing and for the better. You can now have a landscaped yard that too dog-friendly, but how? Simple, you can start with utilizing only organic and pesticide free fertilizer. Do not keep yourself from designing a lavish garden just because your dog has the infamy of a professional digger.

Now, your dog too can have a designated area for its favorite digging time! Add a dog-friendly sand box and encourage your dog to dig in that designated area. You can also bury occasional treats for your dog like, bones, toys and treats in the sand area and save yourself from the horror of the sight of disrupted edible garden instead. Beautiful garden and a happy dog, now that’s impressive!

Summer has many things in store for us and brings some fortunate scope for you to make your yard look beautiful and make everyone happy. So, this summer change the options and give the new ones a try, who knows you, can be left amazed by the results.

Painter and a Cynophilist, Ipshita Maulik swears by yoga and started writing when she least expected it. From Kolkata, she is currently working as a Content Writer in a Digital Marketing Company. Here are few things she loves- eating at new places, hanging out with her friends and everything that are cruelty free.

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